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All of a sudden, neither safari nor firefox will open web pages.  However, the computer is connected to the internet.  I have tried the network diagnostic and it says everything is fine.  I have tried turning airport off and on, same with the computer (even left it overnight) and time capsule.  At one point when I turned my computer back on I could get on the web again but the next time I went back to the computer it was the same problem and turning it off and back on did not work that time.  I originally could get on-line with my kindle fire just fine (thus I knew it wasn't my network) but on day 2 when it urned my kindle fire on, it was doing the same thing where it showed that I was connected to the internet but it won't open any web pages.  I've confirmed with other wirless devices though that the internet is working. I can't figure it out, nor figure out why the kindle fire would be affected to (or if that's just coincident and some other issue with my kindle fire, whcih is possible).  I've tried searching the internet and none of the suggestions I've seen for similar problems have fixed mine.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!