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I have a memo that is 1hr 40min; how do I transfer it to my pc?

iPhone 4, How to I get voice memos to my pc
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    in your sync settings  check on to sync Voice Memos...sync.

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    i found maybe the best way how to transfer Voice Memo from my iPhone 4i(OS6) to my iMac M.Lion 10.8.2.

    On iPhone


    You don't need the computer that You make sync with the iPhone, the thing that its important is that

    Your iMac must to be signed with the same account Apple account as Your iPhone, hope work for iPad & iPod Touch.


    1.Go to Your iPhone in voice memo, after the memo on the right side You have blue arrow click it.

    2.You have tab Share click on it!

    3.From the third option Click on message

    3.A) This is in the case that You dont have Your number as contact.

    4.Send to:?  find Your Mobile number 123-1234-1232 something like this.

    5.Click Send


    On iMac

    6.Open the iMessages You must to see that You received the file,It takes time so wait little bit.

    7.Double click on the message that You received.

    8.Now You see it as iTunes file.

    9.Now You have two options:

        A) Open in iTunes in this option You open the file as it is 8 min, 10, min....etc doesn matter.

        B) Send File

           - again 2 option or to mail or to message

    Well Done