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I used migration assistant a few weeks after I got my new Macbook Pro. I wanted my pictures and videos, music, and word doc. files that have (completed) schoolwork on them. I guess I was expecting for everything to magically show up as I have never done this before. I saw in System Preferences that I have the Admin user account that I set up with the new MBP as current user and then 3 other accounts (I only ever actually used one) from my old MB.


1. Can I delete (and how do I delete) Microsoft Office '08? I am assuming it migrated from old MB to new MBP and I have Office '11 installed on new MBP so I don't want it taking up space.


2. Can I delete (and how) my old user accounts?


3. How do I get my pics, music, and docs saved into the apps on the new MBP?


I hope this all made sense. Thanks!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)