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I posted some time ago about  iphoto / picasa and I'm back after a re-install of the Mac OS X Lion 10.74.

My problem is that I MUCH prefer Picasa but after some guidance from T Devlin, I decided to stick with Iphoto even with the few annoying things it presents me with.


Now, the plugin to upload from iphoto directly to Google Plus / Picasa web albums seems to have been removed. This is not a deal breaker but it's a problem.

How do I do it ?

Another annoyance is that the keyboard shortcut | shift+command+B | for batch rename ( that's what I use it for ) doesn't work. I miss the gloriously simple F2 in Picasa. I can use the mouse to get there but it's bit of a nusiance.

I like Photostream now , since the ability to delete selected photos was finally introduced by Apple but I *think* that I really want to use Picasa to manage photos.

I understand that I '*must* use Iphoto as an interface for doing  this but the problem is that if I install Picasa alongside Iphoto, I end up with a pile of folders and sub - sub - sub folders containing my photos in PIcasa . I realise that Terence Devlin is going to talk again about sort of unsupported hack used by Picasa but that is not really anything I can address.

If PIcasa/Iphoto combination works for others, then perhaps it can work for me.

I apologise if this sounds like a rant - it's not supposed to be that.

Any guidance welcomed even if it's from the extremely helpful TD who will no doubt have very good reasons why I should stick with Iphoto - I keep an open mind.


MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.3)