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The above suggestion is (as far as I can tell) for Itunes. I dont intend to use the IPAD for music. I can use the PC for that. I need it to transfer only documents from my PC to the IPAD. I can convert any Word cocument to PDF OK so that the IPAD cna use it (or so i have been told). I have only had the IPAD for one day and I am finding it very difficult. I have been told that i can use the IPAD as a computer, and tosome degree this is true. I cannot make file folders etc. I am hoping that it is not to specialised as I just dont need the features that most people use. Basically it is needed for research after hours aas a portable document reader. <edited by host> . Thanks if you can assist.

Cheers from Rod.

iPad, Windows XP, send answer to vk6krg@gmail.com
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Firstly, never give your email address on a site like this since it may be 'harvested'. Someone in authority may well Eit your post to remove it.


Do you have the iBooks app to which you can save your PDF's? Download it for free from the Apps Store.


You can email the PRFs to yourself, open them and store them there.


You can also drag the PDFs to iBooks in iTunes on your computer and then sync them to your iPad.

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