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I just edited a 5 min piece on FCPX - my first time using it.


I was using AVCHD footage imported using ClipWrap from a Canon HD camcorder, using ProRes at 1080p settings.


I exported via FCPX, using h.264 but ended up with a very large file (550mb). Investigated and decided I needed to export at 720p. Did so and got a smaller file (250mb) which looks grainy, has strobing pan/bright areas and still takes ages to link to it's webpage. (See below for more info on this.)


So, I bought Compressor and, trying their regular "720p for upload to video sharing sites" setting, and got a 378 mb file (albeit of better quality).


I also got in touch with my website's host to see why the .mov file was taking 9 minutes to load onto it's page. No answers - they checked everything they could.


I have 2 other videos on that site (each on its own page) that load quickly and yet are much longer playing. One is 18 min, HD, looks reasonable and is only 118 mb! Shot on the Canon in 1080p, imported into iMovie, exported to an .m4v file (probably using Quicktime Pro which I don't seem to have anymore)and then imported into iWeb. According to the control panel, it is described as a text/x-generic file while the .mov file is categorized as video. Would that be the problem?


Any advice as to what Compressor setting is going to give me a okay looking file that is small enough for my host's server to handle?


Thanks for any advice, this used to be rather easy for an ignoramus.