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Hi all


I am sure many of you have not heard of AVB, However, I believe the new MACBook Pro, with Thunderbolt has AVB capable hardware, and AVB in software, but I am not sure if there is any documention about it!


Anyone from Apple support can help with this?


Thank you


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    While Apple hardware does support AVB, so far they have not made any annoucement about what they plan to do with it, or when.


    AVB is an open standard, and is simply waiting for companies (like Apple) to build the software required to use it.


    If you have a DSP, powered loudspeakers, mixing board that supports AVB though, then you can also run Dante on it (not as advanced in many ways, and it's a propriety format like CobraNet/MADI/EtherSound).

    The Dante soundcard runs on Mac OSX and PC, and acts basically like AVB will (hopefully) in the future on computers, but it's not free. Lets you send and receive 64 channels of audio each way (64 inputs & 64 outputs) over Cat5e / Cat6 directly on your computer.


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    AVB is already implemented in Mac OS. 


    It needs to be activated by command line:

    https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#documentation/Darwin/Reference/ManPages /man1/avbdeviced.1.html


    Just learned about this today from an engineer at Meyer Sound. 



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    I am trying to test AVB in my macbook pro. It is a mid 2009 model with Intel Core 2 duo 2.53 MHz processor running Mac OS 10.8.2. When I give the

    "sudo avbdeviced --list-interfaces" command I get


    avbdeviced version 106.1.10

    ifname  enabled

    ------  -------


    And the terminal returns to $ prompt.



    When I type "sudo avbdeviced --enable-interface en0" the reply is


    avbdeviced version 106.1.10

    interface "en0" is not an AVB capable interface. Supported interfaces are:


    and the terminal returns to $ prompt. Is the AVB stack depended upon the underlying ethernet hardware? Is there a way to enable avb on this machine? The information about Ethernet network and Ethernet card are pasted below.




      Type:          Ethernet

      Hardware:          Ethernet

      BSD Device Name:          en0


      Configuration Method:          DHCP


      Configuration Method:          Automatic


      MAC Address:          00:26:4a:03:a6:e2

      Media Options:

      Media Subtype:          Auto Select


      Exceptions List:          *.local, 169.254/16

      FTP Passive Mode:          Yes

      Service Order:          2


    Ethernet Card:

    Type:          Ethernet Controller

      Bus:          PCI

      Vendor ID:          0x10de

      Device ID:          0x0ab0

      Subsystem Vendor ID:          0x10de

      Subsystem ID:          0xcb79

      Revision ID:          0x00b1

      BSD name:          en0

      Kext name:          nvenet.kext

      Location:          /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/PlugIns/nvenet .kext

      Version:          2.0.19

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    My understanding is the AVB is hardware dependent, and will require newer ethernet hardware.  Not just the interfaces on the computer, but hubs and switches as well.


    (what makes the protocol so promising is this silicon-level integration.)


    On 2012 mac book pro 15"  (non-retina) here's what I get:


    $ avbdeviced --enable-interface en0

    avbdeviced version 109.1.1

    attempting to enable AV mode returned YES


    Then the system posts a dialogue box "avbdeviced is trying to modify the system network configuration.  Type your password to allow this."  (cancel) (Modify Configuration)


    upon entering password / clicking Modify Configuration I get:


    attempting to enable AV mode returned YES

    commit changes returned YES

    apply changes returned YES

    Enabled AVB on interface "en0"


    and then:

    $ avbdeviced --list-interfaces

    avbdeviced version 109.1.1

    ifname  enabled

    ------  -------

       en0  yes



    And then:

    $ avbdeviced --disable-interface en0

    avbdeviced version 109.1.1

    attempting to disable AV mode returned YES

    commit changes returned YES

    apply changes returned YES

    Disabled AVB on interface "en0"




    I've heard tales of AVB devices then showing up (if connected) in Audio Midi setup.  Nothing connected, nothing showing up there on my system. 



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    I agree with jeremiahmoore


    AVB stack is hardware dependant, more technical details:

    AVB consists of few protocols:

    802.1AS timing synchronization, which needs software and hardware (NIC) for better accuracy.

    802.1QAV traffic shaping, which needs software and hardware (NIC) to make sure AVB packets leave the (NIC) in timely manner regardless of other traffic.

    802.1QAT is stream reservation protocol to make sure that the AVB stream has enough bandwidth before establishing the stream (usually when you have switches between endpoints).



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    Hello everybody,


    I tried to enable AVB with on my MAC running with OSX 10.8. But the en0 is still disabled. I don't know the reason.

    Can someone help me ?


    Thank you in advance