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I have had my Apple In-Ear Headphones for approximately six months and twenty-three days. As of today the sound in the right ear piece has gone quiet. As far as I can tell the woofer in the right ear piece has failed. The headphones have not been mistreated in anyway and are still in nearly brand new condition. As I understand I should be able to take these into an Apple Store and have them replaced as the failure does not appear to be my fault. However, the province I currently reside in does not have an Apple Store, I ordered the headphones online. Driving to the nearest Apple Store would cost nearly as much in gas as it would to replace the headphones. Is there anything I can do about this dilemma other than be out $89.00?


Thanks in advance, Allan.

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote, Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote
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Contact Apple Support by phone to set up a service request.http://support.apple.com/kb/HE57B-rock

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