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Which format  adobe RGB (1998) or sRGB IEC61966-2.1 is best for filing? Raw or Jpeg. When I load photoes from my nikon D700 or leica M8, to Aperture I get these 2 formats, do I have to keep them both or can I delite one of the versions in my library to save space?

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    Are you shooting RAW+JPEG?  Because otherwise what you're asking doesn't really make sense... you shouldn't have a different file for each color space.

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    Drop the 10 points. It did not solve my question. When I am shooting from my nikon I am asked which shooting menu I want. I take the one image quality RAW+fineJpeg. And i get both when I download to Aperture. Which one should I keep in my library? 

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    In 99% of cases you want the RAW file.


    Can I ask why you're shooting RAW+JPEG?  In general, unless you have a very specific workflow (i.e. shooting 2000 shots for a sporting event, and getting them to an editor), a RAW-only workflow makes a lot more sense than RAW+JPEG because with Aperture you can create a JPEG from the RAW any time you want.


    So keep the RAW file.  But Aperture will import them both, and managing that takes more work and effort unless you have a very specific reason for shooting RAW+JPEG.