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I have several PDF files in iBooks.

I also use Notes Plus, which reads pdf files.

In any application (other than iBooks) that reads pdf files, the curved arrow asks me if I want to open the pdf in another program - e.g. Notes Plus

But iBooks' curved arrow only offers to email or print.


I believe Apple should update iBooks to allow pdf files to open in other applications.

Do you agree? Or is there some way - without emailing or internet connection, without computer syncing - only using the iPad alone - that I can transfer pdf files from iBooks to Notes Plus and other apps?

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Solved by Demo on Jul 16, 2012 5:59 AM Solved

Short of emailing it to yourself for which you do need an Internet connection, there is no way to open that PDF in another app. iBooks just does not allow for it.


If you want to see Apple add the capability to iBooks, let them know about it.