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Hello, I need some help with my Lion Server configuration. WebDAV will not connect to the sharepoints on the server now that the server is bound to OD. Network accounts authenticate smoothly when logging in on local machines, AFP works, and so does SMB.


The only account that will successfull login using WebDAV (logging into the server from iOS devices) is the Administrator account for the server... I have tried deleting users, then recreating them in the Server.app – I have applied the settings to the .conf files as outlined here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4777?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US


Still no luck.


I'm getting the following error in the "Web" Error log:


[Mon Jul 16 13:24:40 2012] [error] (61)Connection refused: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to [fe80::1]:63001 (*) failed


Any help is much appreciated!



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    Same issue here I am posting every where and still no luck. I have a feeling it is something I am missing or forgot to setup correctly as is the case usually when you cannot find a ton of people with the same issue OR no one uses Webdav for AD accounts...


    Here is what I see when I try to use an AD account now to auth for webdav (after following the articles you guys had too):

    [error] (61)Connection refused: proxy: HTTP: attempt to connect to [fe80::1]:55704 (*) failed


    from the access_log:

    SERVERXXXX - - [15/Feb/2013:11:59:46 -0500] "OPTIONS /webdav HTTP/1.1" 401 549 "-" "WebDAVLib/1.3"

    SERVERXXXX - USERXXXX [15/Feb/2013:11:59:46 -0500] "OPTIONS /webdav HTTP/1.1" 503 471 "-" "WebDAVLib/1.3"


    From WebDavSharing Log:

    D, [2013-02-15T12:07:34.91385

    7 #5363] DEBUG -- : read: authName=XXXXX, userName=XXXXX


    Funny though since any local user account I setup has no problem getting in over webdav... I even tried setting up a mobile account for an AD account to see if maybe it cared about the home directory... no luck or change.

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    OK So a small win but not the total end result I wanted but... After logging in with an AD account to a mobile account on the server it created the user folder etc. This by itself would not allow Webdav but I went into advanced options for my user under system preferences and changed my groupf from some long numerical group to the staff group to match a test local account I setup and BAM! I could use Webdav with my AD account (although I am not sure how much I hosed the account by changing to staff from the long numerical group and if my password change in AD will apply on the OS X server now!!!


    The problem is I don't know where to apply the group change to other AD accounts that have not logged into the server and it created a mobile user account for them. I am going to check around on that.