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Help and Hello,

I am finally trying to convert all my old video tapes and disks to my computer.  I need assistance with the best possible approach.  I have final cut but what wires work best.  I also have access to Roxio with DVD, my concern with Roxio is that it will finalize my CD and won't be able to import and make changes.

thanks apple friends

mac book pro, Mac OS X (10.5.4)
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    What I do is Analogue Source>Hardware Converter>FCP. Mostly worked fine. WHen it hasn't. it's been fairly  easy to fidure out.



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    Hi Russ,

    Where can I get one of FCP.  I was at Best Buy today and they wanted to sell me another program.  I tried using the Roxio yesterday and the volume didn't come through. 



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    becktatorlf wrote:



    Where can I get one of FCP.


    Not sure what you're asking.


    Just to re-phrase my comments: I connect a VHS deck to a converter box (something like this) via an analogue connection into the converter. The converter has Firewire out which goes to the capture drive.


    Actually, you may not need to buy anything at all. Many mini DV cameras have a pass through capability that allows you to run a composite in and Firewire out. Not sure that it's the "best" way, but if your camera supports this, give it a try.


    Depending on how how much editing you intend to do on the digitized footage, Quick Time Pro (7 not X) would be an alternative to Final Cut.


    Good luck with your project.