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After migrating my G5 contents to my new MacPro- all software works except LiveType has issue.  It opens and offers all functions except when typing in title info, it will not type/allow any spaces between words.  I hit the space bar a dozen times and the spaces show in the title box, but in the canvas window title still shows no spacing.  Any ideas what's wrong?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Migrating is not recommended for complex programs like fcp.  You might want to do a clean reinstall the OS and then install fcp.  You'll need to install rosetta from a snow leopard disk to install fcp6 or earlier. 

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    Thanks Michael- I did learn about a workaround and  this issue does not have anything to do with the migration.  (which was in fact recommended by an Apple tech!)  I guess this is a glitch when using LiveType within Lion.  Apple has decided not to support or offer a fix for this or any support for LiveType any longer. 

    I will have to use the work around if I want to continue to use LT w/ Lion. 

    It's a shame as there must be millions of video editors in the world that purchased and count on great apps like LiveType and iDVD (also no longer supported.) Why Apple continually does this to it's customers astounds me.

    Thanks much for your help Mike!