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I've been using my Canon MX870 successfully for nearly 2 years. I've done nothing to my computer set-up. I print from my

MAC laptop via Wi-Fi to the printer. No wires are loose or disconnected. It just all of a sudden stopped accepting print jobs. Not always; sometimes it will print just fine. Other times, and most frequently, I get an error message saying "a communication error has occured." NEED HELP!

MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.53 GHz), Mac OS X (10.7.4), Canon PIXMA MX870 printer
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    If there has been an increase in the number of wireless routers installed nearby then this can contribute to congestion and the MX870 losing its wifi connection when printing. If you connect to the MX870's internal web page, by typing its IP address into a web browser, then on the default page you will see the device's wireless signal strength and quality. If either of these are near 50% or lower then this can be a cause of the communication error. A quick fix can be turn off your wireless devices and then turn off your wireless router for a minute. When you turn the wireless router back on it will search for a wireless channel that is less likely to get interference. With this completed you can then turn your wireless devices back on.

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    I am suddenly having the same problem. I tried rebooting the printer several times and that worked for one print job and now that doesn't work. Have restarted Mac and restarted WiFi but that no longer works either.


    Any more ideas from you or Pahu?

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    So on the Mac, if you open Print & Scan and select to add, does the MX appear as a Nearby printer? If it doesn't, then click Add Printer or Scanner and from the next window that appears, ensuring the Default view is selected, does the MX appear?

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    MX870 is already selected in Print and Scan. Appears only option is to re-install which I don't want to do.

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    Did you solve this problem? if so, how?

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    Stevoman wrote:


    MX870 is already selected in Print and Scan. Appears only option is to re-install which I don't want to do.

    My instruction does not delete the printer or force you to reinstall. It is just one way to check that the Mac can still see the MX870 on the wireless network. If the Mac does not see the MX870 using this procedure, then it explains why you are getting a communication error.

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    Canon MX 870 Communication Error Solution. At least this worked for me. The problem has to do with Bon Jour.


    1. Go to the setup panel on the Canon MX870.
    2. Select Device Settings->LAN Settings->Other Settings->Bonjour settings.
    3. Next select Enable/Disable Bonjour and make sure that it is enabled.
    4. Next select Service name and either leave what is there or put in a name like "Canon Mx870 Bon Jour" or "My Stupid Printer".
    5. Next Enable LPR advertising (not sure this is necessary but my Windows7 under VMware Fusion found the printer). 
    6. Next get out of the printer's menus and select System Preferences->Print & Scan on your Mac (I am running Mountain Lion). Delete of whatever entries you had for the Canon printer and scanner. Then use + to add a printer and your should find  "Canon Mx870 Bon Jour" or "My Stupid Printer" or whatever you called it. Select it to set it up and ditto on the scanner.


    By the way, I reserved an IP address in my Airport thinking maybe that would help. Nope. Then I updated all of my Canon drivers, utilities, etc. couple of days ago. Nope, got the same stupid and very annoying Communication Error. Then I did the Bon Jour thing and now all is right with the world. OK, maybe not everything, but getting rid of the Communication Error is very satisfying. I will repost some misery if it returns.


    It would probably be a good idea to update all the Canon stuff and apply any other updates to your OS as a step "0" before you do the above. I wound up having to download 10 or maybe 11 files from the Canon website. There is probably a much smarter way to update the Canon stuff. If someone knows please post it in this thread.


    Anyway it is all working fine. And, best of all, it makes sense because Apple uses the Bon Jour protocol to find printers so if it is not set or set correctly on the MX 870 then it make sense that OS X keeps losing it.


    So I hope this helps relieve some pain out there.

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    Had the same issue.  Followed pfava's directions and works now.  Thanks!

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    Did this fix for my dad's iMac, and it did work.  


    However, 2 weeks later, the issue is back.  Seems like many are seeing this, maybe its a ML thing or Canon is slow to do updates.  

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    Helpful how-to, and all was well until I tried to add printer under new name. 


    Protocol advised me that "...updated printer software was available from Apple, but that deadended when the status message informed "not available from mfr." 


    I am now going to download yet again the Canon ij software driver for this MX 870 yet again. Will re-post with any "news!"

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    I just wanted to lend a supportive ear hear as I have an MG5220 that is now suddenly getting this communication error message as well.  I have been communicating hardwired from my Mac to my router and then Wi-Fi frm my router to the Canon.  I have had the same set-up for two years.  I have success when I turn Wi-FI on the Mac and go wirelessly but can't figure out why the hardwired connection has stopped.  I'll be interested to see if this issue gets resolved for you.  I don't mind switching to Wi-FI but don't understand wy this woould suddenly stop working.  

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    I downloaded the latest drivers from Canon:



    deleted the printer & scanner, then re-added them.


    So far it seems to have solved the problem.





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    The driver version now shows as

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    Hello peterfromtotnes,


    I am stil having this problem and realize what my issues could be. You said you deleted the printer and scanner and then re-added them.  I noticed that in system preferences->print and scan, I only have a printer shown but no scanner?  SHould there be two items shown here?  I have deleted the printer and re-added and then also have added every driver on the Canon site for the MG5220 to make sure everything was working but still no good.  I hit the scan button in MP 4 Navigator and the "Scan Gear" window pops up wth an explanation point and proceeds twith a pinwheel and then I get the "Cannot Communicate to Scanner....(2.1.0)" error. Not sure what to do next.  Any help would be appreciated.  I suppose at this point I should probably call Canon or Apple but haven't had the time yet.




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