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I'm confused. I am in Snow Leopard and have had a .Mac (.me) address for years. I made the move to Cloud, without Lion. Had an Apple support person on the phone to assist since I wanted to be sure about not losing my email address. Got an email from Apple confirming. It says "Your mail will be moved to iCloud after June 30th. You can continue to send and receive mail at your -----@me.com address after MobileMe ends on June 30, 2012."

But I never changed any Mail accountt settings. When I look at my Mail preferences-account info, it says Account Type: MobileMe IMAP, but Incoming server is still mail.me.com and Outgoing drop down shows Mail-mobile me.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Yes, shortly before the switch over on June 30, apple announced that the mail settings for the old MobileMe account would continue to work after the switch over.


    Some people have found that this has not been the case and have addressed the situation by manually setting up their mail settings as follows:


    Delete your mail account from Mail preferences and set it up again using the Mail Server Information.

    Some users have apparently encountered issues using this information in pre-Lion set ups (I haven't), Roger Wilmut has kindly provided instructions for those who find themselves with this problem.

    Entering iCloud email settings manually in Snow Leopard or Leopard

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    Thanks for the reassurance. Apparently I am one of the fortunate ones for whom the change-over itself was all that was required. Since I am getting mail, using Mail, I won't change anything. But it's good to know the set-up if it turns out I do need to change things. I have no plan to go to Lion.