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my itunes it not syncing my music to my iphone

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    Do you have a question?


    If so, then please explain your issue and ask it.

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    Well, my temporary fix was to go to my iTunes Music, then choose the menu option Edit/Select All, then Edit/Copy.  I then went to my iPhone Music, then chose the menu option Edit/Paste.  Now it doesn't fix the Syncing, but does the same job to apple find a solution.

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    Actually, Copying is a bad idea.  Duplicated everything.

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    I had this problem too, and solved it yesterday.

    This anomaly is related with the 1st time iPhone activation by iCloud. without using iTunes.

    If you erase your phone and restore your iPhone using iCloud backup, it won't work. But, if you erase your phone (backing up all informations on your computer) and restore using the iTunes software, it will work.

    I did it yesterday and solved the problem.


    What I did:


    1) connected the phone on my computer and did a complete backup on my computer;

    2) erase the phone (you can do it on iTunes or on the phone);

    3) before put my account information on the phone, plugged it on the computer again;

    4) follow the instructions on iTunes (restore the backup)



    Sorry my poor English, i'm Brazilian. I hope it help!

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    first you need to connect your iphone through usb.


    second, if you havent already got the menu bar displayed. tick the box in settings.


    then you click add folder and highlight the music you want on your iphone


    you maybe prompted to convert from wma to mp3 because of the software click yes.


    depending on how many songs you added it should say in the big box usually where the apple is how many songs are remaining.


    after its converted click sync in the summary box. now the music should be syncronising.


    after its syncronised its reccomended to click the eject button next to where it says "iphone" in the top right corner.


    and finally enjoy

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    I have the same issue too - itunes get stuck on "waiting for changes to be applied"

    SOOOOO frustrated and angry about this bug, it used to work fine before the upgrade to ios7.

    Its more than enough to make me walk away from them - spend my hard earned money somewhere that actually values me as a customer.

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    I have also started having this problem. I have had iphone for almost 2 years. I normally sync it every 2 or 3 weeks. Before now, I have never had any problems. However, yesterday it wouldn't sync: The iphone still has the same tracks on it that I was trying to replace.


    When I check "On This iPhone" after the sync process has supposedly completed, I can see the new tracks I was trying to sync but they appear greyed out. The 'old' tracks appear in black, as normal. But there is an icon against each of the greyed out tracks: A circle comprised of a dotted line appears in the far left, untitled, column. What does this mean?


    The only other info I can provide that may be relevant is that this week I had to delete the existing iTunes library file and replace it with a previous library file. This was because the library file had suddenly 'lost' most of my library and playlists. Could this be linked to the syncing problem?


    I realise that this is an old thread but it still seems to be current problem affecting many people and, so far, there does not appear to a definitive explanation or solution.

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    mine either, and I even asked the computer people in my school and they do not know my music is not syncing to my phone. Please help me.

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    I'm having the same problem. Even recently downloaded podcasts episodes are greyed out and when I clicked on it it's shown as unavailable. Songs I had for years are not available for play, roughly 30% of my playlist are not available and I seem to be discovering mroe everyday. Is this an iCloud related issue? Is there a way to avoid this from happening?


    P.S. seems like everytime I have a problem with my phone, the "geniuses" at apple store always tell me to wipe everything on my phone and reset my phone to factory settings. If that's the fix all, why not just put that as a banner at the genius bar?

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    It seems it is a recurrent iTunes sycing malfunctioning that isn't related to any lack of knowledge or misuse of iTunes by its users. It seems that iTunes simply isn't working as it is supposed to when syncing to the iPhone, and for a long time. Now what amazes me is that not only Apple hasn't addressed the problem at all, but also it has kept silent about it. The big difference between iPhone and Galaxy for me is the iPod function, that allows me to sync the songs from my library. At this point, the advantage of having an iPhone over a Galaxy is none.

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    Regarding the issue of "less than half of iTunes music is synced to the iPhone after iOS7 update", I fixed it by replacing a previous iTunes Library file before the iOS7 update (found in User > Music > iTunes > Previous iTunes Libraries) with the latest one in my iTunes folder. Close iTunes app before replacement. Reopen app after replacement. Remember to update/consolidate your items in your library (eg.: newly purchased items) before you started to sync if your previous library file (now your new library file) is too old.


    Hope this help.

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    Help!  I no longer have the option to sync my libary.  I've erased everything and restored twice....At the top of the music tab it states "iTunes match is on" and then the voice memo selection....no option to sync music...


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    try this


    iOS: How to transfer or sync content to your computer



    iOS: Syncing with iTunes



    iTunes: May be unable to transfer videos to iPhone, iPad, or iPod



    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows



    iPod not appearing in iTunes



    hope this helps remember if your are using Windows 8, there are a LOT of issues now with it, specially the 64-bits ones and it is NOT iTunes fault

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    Thanks..,I'm using a MAC.  here is a screen hot of what I see when I click on the music tab for my phone


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    Well for some reason I can't add a screenshot