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I have Pages 09 version 4.1. I've written all my content and added all the pictures for each page of content for my eBook on Pages 09.


My understanding is that ePub is one of the main formats people want when they buy/read an eBook. For this reason I'd very much like to export my work on Pages to the ePub format.


When I open pages, go to file, export and click on ePub it says "Page layout documents cannot be exported to the ePub format." There are 4 other formats available: PDF, Word, RTF and Plain Text which appear to work.

Under Compatibility and sharing Apple writes " You can also save your Pages documents as RTF files or as plain text. Or export them as ePub or PDF files" apple.com/iwork/pages/

I've signed up at one of the top self publishing book and eBook services online but even their export tool isn't working with formatting my Pages 09 work to ePub.


Could anyone here share with me exactly what I need to do?


I really need to get this project finished as soon as possible.





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    The message you have got tells you that you have used the Page Layout template instead of the Word Processing one you need for creating an ePub document.

    http://etc.usf.edu/techease/4all/web-accessibility/creating-epub-documents-with- pages/



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    Hi fruhulda, Thank you for attempting to explain this to me.


    When I go to the the first link you gave # 7 says "To export your Pages document as an ePub document, choose File, Export and make sure ePub is selected as the export format."


    From what I read on the page, I've done what needs to be done to export to ePub.


    I'v simply created my work in Pages 09, I went to pages, chose a template, wrote content, added pics numbered pages ETC, saved it to documents then I open the pages document, What I made comes up and I go to file, then export and then click epub but when I click on epub, the only option is to choose another format or cancel, the next button goes away. (the next button doesn't actually go away but it becomes non-clickable)


    When you say " The message you have got tells you that you have used the Page Layout template instead of the Word Processing one you need for creating an ePub document."


    I'm not sure if you're saying I've done something wrong. If so, where did I go wrong? Was I not supposed to use a template?


    Thanks again,



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    I just looked and see what you mean. There's certain templates under word processing and certain templates under page layout.... Ohhhh Nooo!

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    The video really helped a lot.

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    Glad you got it sorted. You can from your Pages Help menu click on Pages User Guide to download the guide. It has a lot of useful information.

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    Only bad thing is the video stops at about 5:16 into the video.

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    I have the same problem. However I do all formatting and comply with the rules I never manage to get a multipaged .pages file into an epub, no matter which computer or Ipad I try, it always points to an "error" which is never specified,