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I just received the new updated MBP 15inch, 2.6Ghz, core i7 (non-retina display) after I cancelled an order for the new Retina MBP, the 3-4 order wait was very dissapointing so I swithched and configured a new updated MBP 15inch, 2.6Ghz, core i7, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD, hi-res glossy display at 30% less cost. It shipped in 1 week and I have been using it for a few days now. It is awesome!


I have iPhone4, iPad2, (mid 2010) imac 27, ATV2, MacMini Server and my wife has MB Air 13 inch - my point is this........why has everyone overlooked the updated the stunning current 15 inch MBP over the retina (which is suffering 1st generation hardware issues) it also suffers from a very long delivery delay, is very expensive and there are a lack of apps supporting retina - I acknowledge they will come in time.


The 2012 updated MBP I have now is gorgeous to look at and has a jawdropping display, yes it's display is awesome, Apple never made 'bad' displays! The core i7 ivy bridge CPU is faster than lightning and broadly the spec is same as retina MBP (bar flash memory & optical drive etc).


I have been running Windows 8 on Parallels (VM) without any degradation in performance on OSX or Windows, in fact it is unoticeable. What a perfect solution to all computing woes. I am so happy with this laptop I could cry - it entirely completes my life in the Apple world I live in (& supports the Windows side if required) - for those struggling with the high cost of the new Retina MBP I strongly recommend you seriously consider the updated MBP 15 inch over the Retina, even the extra 20% weight is not an unsurmountable issue - you will definately not be dissapointed.


Consider this option and save serious money too (I can wait for retina once it is established) - from one extremely happy Apple customer

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    Very glad you're happy with it - if I had not purchased a late 2011 in April, that's just the machine I would have bought at this time. I so wish that I had the anti-glare HD display!



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    Ordered yesterday (7/16/2012) the 2012 15.4" Macbook Pro (NON retina)




    2.6GHz i7 CPU

    1GB GPU

    HR Antiglare Screen

    750GB 7200 RPM HDD


    I really wanted the rMBP but just could not see the real value of the Retina display when the (HR) 1680 X1050 is really ideal for me.  I also have the late 2011 Macbook Air that has 1440 X 900 resolution, it's not antiglare and not glossy either.  I also have a 2006 Black Macbook with 1280 X 800 and it's not antiglare and not glossy.  If the rMBP offered a antiglare display I'd probably still be deciding (took 3 weeks already). 


    The thoughts that keep me on the fence between the 15" rMBP and 15" MBP was I need to buy the future and not invest in the past. 


    And since I made the decision Im glad I did (15" MBP Antiglare).


    My Pros/Cons list


                             rMBP          MBP


    Speed                   X                       (tie, if add SSD)

    Expansion                               X

    Weight                  X               

    Generation                              X     (decided long ago to NOT buy 1st generation anything, if possible)

    Repairability                            X

    Resale                  X                       (not sure here but makes since new beats old)

    Antiglare                                 X

    Cost                     X

    Ports                                      X     (FW800, Gigabit Ethernet, DVD/CD drive)

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    I've just took the plunge after many many years of windows, from dos 3.1 through too windows 7 ultimate, and bought my first ever MacBook Pro and absolutley love it. 2 days in and my GF and son (10 yrs old), well not so much my son as he knows he is going to inherit my windows laptop so he is staying out haha, have divorced me.


    My friends always had the mac family except a couple of which i was one. Money always stopped me mainly, but i did love my windows venture and when VMware came along and became more stable then as far as i was concerned, i had the best of both worlds. I have an iphone4 and ipad first and third gen of which i would not be without.!!


    To get too the point is that i've got 1 or 2 apps on here and thought i'd sign up in here and see if i can get any pointers of what where and when to do with the MacBook Pro 15" exactly as BigDag wrote in first post. I also went through exactly the same as BigDag exactly, but i took 4 weeks to take the plunge between the 2. I'm glad really now that the sales assistant told me the waiting times and that i was not leaving the shop with a new MBPr after couple odd weeks of research...yes gutted and i felt as though the wind was kicked out of me, haha sad i know, but now i am so so so glad i went home with nothing and re-assesed, oh yes i am!!!


    I can honestly say hand on heart that i've not and am not missing my windows or even thought about it since transferring all info necessary from it, until now.

    And it just goes so fast and it just does stuff but i do need guides, areas where i can go to read and get to know what applications and how too use the MBP, a beginer's guide most definately.


    I learn quick and work better with pictures rather than words, thanks.!!


    Apologies if rambling but it's my first ever post on an apple forum of any out side of iphone or ipad specific ones.


    Another extremely happy customer...

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    I"m virtually in the same boat:  been with pc's since MS-DOS 2.1 upto Windows 7 Ultimate--but minus the gf and kid.  I'll be getting my first Apple computer (not apple product, i have an ipod nano) this Friday.  I blame this on my work, which is a mac-house.  The main thing that let me be comfortable with the Mac is that Mac OS X is really just UNIX, which I dig.


    For a guide, google 'OS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual'..pdf, it's kinda tricky to find but t has tons of info on using a mac and some inside tricks.  You can of course get it in hardcopy too if you so wish.  There's also a youtube video that is a short overview of it.


    BTW, my incoming sytem is a retina Macbook Pro 2.3 ghz, 16gb ram, 256gb ssd