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  • tinnnou Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    After reading all the posts I have to say I have exactly the same problem with my Retina Macbook Pro.


    I have to concur it's really due to interference and it's inherent to the Macbook Pro Retina:


    The interferences occur with (I have all the devices below):

    • Magic Mouse (20-25 deconnections a day) when WIFI is on at the same time.
    • Apple Bluetooth Keyboard (20-25 deconnections a day) when WIFI is on at the same time.
    • Edifier Spinnaker Speakers, the speakers stay connected to MB but internet is completely sporadic. If I switch off Bluetooth, Internet comes back again immediately. There is no visible sign of interferences except no internet, the signal bars stay at their maximum.


    The only way to make the problem go away in my case is to switch over to 5Ghz WIFI frequency on the router.

    If you have any other devices in your house that don't support 5Ghz WIFI then bummer.



    I have a Dell Laptop Latitude E6430 next to the Macbook and no sign of interferences are constated.



    Other solutions to the problem?

  • Applentice Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I will reitearte again and again: something is wrong with some batches of Retinas, and it is not just the intereference b/w Magic Mouse or other Bluetooth devices in the house.


    I had exactly the same home setup and set of devices with two other MBRPs (I have retuned for other reasons) and there was no issue with their WiFi speed. I have awful speed now (4-5 Mbps) while my ethernet conencted Windows Vista just 2 feet away gets 40 Mbps.

  • tinnnou Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry if I was not clear but I do agree that it is due to the MacBook pro retina and not the different Bluetooth devices..


    I read somewhere it s because they place the Bluetooth card right next to the WiFi card causing interference between the two. Bluetooth and WiFi using the same range of frequencies it could actually make some sense. Do you know if this issue has been fixed in the new versions of rMBP?

  • Applentice Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    @tinnnou: read my post from page #6


    If it is that reason, it cannot explain two other MBPRs from the same batch not having any problems like that.


    I have the latest MBPR from Apple Store - bought just few days ago. It is the one that actually has the problem. The previous two MBPRs (same model) I had in the last month and a half did not have any issue like that.


    I would've noticed. And wouldn't have been here in this topic if my latest didn't have it.


    Plus, I turned Bluetooth completely off. At that time, my MBPR (via WiFi) is at 14 Mbps while the desktop (via ethernet cable) is at 42 Mbps - same router, same target server (

  • tinnnou Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    So you're saying that with Bluetooth off the rMBP still drops WIFI connection and experiences slowliness?


    This is odd.

    Are you sure you rMBP (the 3rd) isn't just defective? Did you try with another router? And with a router emitting WIFI at 5Ghz?


    If it still persists with other routers, that is probably the case.

  • tinnnou Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You can try to download iStumbler, I'm using it to test signal strength and noise ratio.

  • nickfxx Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    What Applentice told us on page 6 does make a lot of sense. Some rMBP have to work normally, otherwise this thread would have 500 pages by now, instead of 7. Regarding the WIFI issue when bluetooth is turned off : my WiFi speed is perfect, whenever i disconnect the Magic Mouse, so your third rMBP must have an even more serious fault than ours. I would definitely exchange it for another one.


    On a side note : since the last EFI Update, my Logitech speakers work fine and dont interfere with WiFi. Only my Magic Mouse still doesnt seem to work properly. I've been following this thread since i started it and i find this problem really confusing, there are so many contradictory statements that i can't figure out what the actual problem is. Conspiracy on the side of Apple is a little far-fetched though, don't you think?

  • Applentice Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Again, makes no sense for the router to be the problem: И haven't toуched it for the last 1.5 months during which time I had 3 MBPRs, same model, on the same place 2 feet from the router.


    And yes, I tested with iStumbler - 88% with 9% noise, channel 6, 2 feet from the router.


    Next most powerful router around is at 40%

  • bartlettpsj Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Nickfxx/Applentice - I am now confused.  I took my MBPR to the Apple Genius and he said there was no point in changing Wifi-BT card as it would make no difference.  So it's not hardware. From I understand it is a firmware problem, which will be resolved by a firmware update from Apple -- eventually.  So this would mean ALL MBPR's would be affected?  Or do some have different cards?  Mine is the omniprescent Broadcom BCM43xx.

  • Applentice Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hm, it would actually be good exersize if all of us here with the WiFi problems publish the exact firmware version of their WiFi adapter, so we could find some differecnes (if any).


    You can find in Apple -- About this Mac -- More info -- System report - Network section -- click WiFi entry (might take a few seconds to come up - it actually returns not only the firware but all WiFi networks around with signal/noise values, channel info etc.).


    Copy and paste the exact firmware, which is listed under Interfaces -- en0 -- Firware version


    My WiFi chip: Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (


    (very important to paste the whole line since the stuff in the brackets is the most specific).


    Please also publish your router brand and model.


    My router: WRTG54GL with Tomato 1.28 firmware


    My connection: Channel 6, signal/noise: -20 dBm / -84 dBm

  • Adriano72 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (


    Router Fastweb Argo 55+


    Channel 11 signal/noise:          -69 dBm / -91 dBm

  • tinnnou Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    What about adding the Bluetooth?




    Firmware Version:          Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (

    Router: Motorola SBG6580

    Channel:          1

    Signal / Noise:          -47 dBm / -78 dBm



    Apple Bluetooth Software Version:          4.0.8f17

    Manufacturer:          Broadcom

    Firmware Version:          v74 c4738


  • wifiguru Level 2 Level 2 (235 points)

    A Noise of -78 seems really high. Typically that valuse should be around -88 or lower. I would check for interference sources around your house in the 2.4 Ghz range. (Cordless phones, audio equipment etc.)

  • tinnnou Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I changed the channel to 11, got these values.

    Signal / Noise:          -52 dBm / -86 dBm

    A little bit better I guess.

  • wifiguru Level 2 Level 2 (235 points)

    And do you still see the same poor performance ( or atleast that drastic) with Bluetooth off and on ?

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