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I am struggling with using Windows 7 though Bootcamp (I know, who wnats to do this anyway, but i'm forced to sometimes). I run Win 7 both through Parallels and sometimes needs to boot directly into Win 7. All the drivers install when Windows is running from the Virtual machine (and BTW the Coherence format works great), but when booting my Macbook pro directly from the Windows partition (holding the Alt key at startup and choosing the Bootcamp partition), then it seems there are no drivers?


I land on the start screen of Windows 7, but can't continue as nor the keyboard or the trackpad respond, so I can't input the user Password and start a session. Also, the lousy screen definition led me to wonder that actually the drivers I see installed in the control panel when in run from the Virtual machine (and working normally) are also loading when booting only in Windows 7.


Any tips would be great



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Did you download the Windows support software from Apple when you first ran Boot Camp? If you did, did you install those Win Support files once Windows was installed?


    If not then that is why you have not drivers when booting to Windows.

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    the drivers are installed when installing Windows 7 on the partition and are visible (and enabled) when checking the confirguration of Windows software control panel on a Virtual machine (i.e. Parallels). But when I start directly from Bootcamp (Atl at startup), then trackpad and keyboard are not active and cannot not log in a Windows session .