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iMac (PPC) - iMac (PPC including G5, pre-2006)


iBook - iBook (pre-2006 notebook).


Powerbook - Powerbook (pre-2006 notebook)


MacBook - MacBook (consumer notebook)


MacBook Pro - MacBook Pro (pro notebook)


Mac Pro - Mac Pro (Intel CPU Desktop Tower)


Power Mac - Power Mac (pre-2006 Desktop)


iBooks - iBooks (App for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch).


Mac OS & System Software - Mac OS & System Software (client)


Mac OS X v10.7 Lion - Mac OS X v10.7 Lion (client)


Place the Server and Enterprise Software category immediately after the Mac OS & System Software category on the menu.


If this is done, I feel we'll have many less requests to move posts.  Though I'm sure there will still be those who won't post in the right place.


Thank you.