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Hello everyone,hope you can help me ,here's the deal...today while at work my iPhone 3GS battery drained 20%-10%...5% untill it turned off...that bad thing that i did(i think) was that i was trying to get it on again...ok...1st try i got that battery icon in the middle of the screen with a bit of red,asking for the charge....as i didn't had the cable on me i could not charge it...so it turned off again...did this like 3-4 times...but on the 5th try  when i hold the turn on button in on the top right of the iPhone,the screen would not show me anything(like it did before that battery asking for charge),blank screen,finally i get off work,i get home...pluggit to the PC...no sound no nothing,it dosent get's recognized i think,i try the wall charger...same thing...i'm holding that button to turn it on...nothing black screen...as it's still off...so can anyone help me with this please?what should i do?did i do something wrong and broke something in it?,thanks.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1.1