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Hello everybody.


I am doing research that involves programming robots over a Bluetooth connection. As it turns out this programming does not work with the bluetooth that comes built-in with my MacBook Pro 15'' (brandnew version with Lion 10.7.4), so I decided to buy a USB bluetooth dongle (Belkin F8T016ng). I tested the bluetooth dongle with a Windows PC and it worked fine and I was able to program the robot.

Unfortunately, my macbook does not seem to recognize the dongle at all:


- I checked in USB Prober and nothing changes when I plug the dongle in

- In system report there is no mention of the dongle

- I am pretty certain there was a blue LED shining inside the dongle when I connected it to the PC, this doesn't happen with the Mac


Naturally the connection problems with the robot haven't changed, as the dongle doesn't seem to be active. Can anybody help me with how to activate the dongle and in case of conflicts even how to deactivate the internal USB whilst using the dongle?


Your help is very much appreciated,



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)