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I need some help, I had one of my five Xserve RAID boxes fail. The upper controller card needed to be replaced and so we replaced it. But now only one of my volumes is loading and I am seeing the following error in my Console.


7/18/12 9:23:18.550 AM Xsan Admin: ERROR: duplicate LUN label RAID1-Left1


This raid box holds three LUNs. the left is split into two with one being the metadata / Journal for the main volume and the 2nd being the same for my secondary volume. The right side of this box is the second volume while the remaining 4 RAID boxes are my main volume. Here is the rub, the main volume is using the left1 LUN and the secondary is left2. The left2 is the one that is not working and when I go into the LUN info the WWN number does not match the actual id on the raid box.





Kevin Rosenthal

Xserve, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 4GB RAM, Apple 2 Port 4Gbps Fiber
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    Did you try turning it off and on again? I mean, the full SAN shutdown/startup: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4027


    You're probably seeing "duplicate LUN labels" because the MDC has seen two LUNs with the same label but different serial numbers since it has been online. The serial number (which I think is based off the WWN) would have changed when the RAID controller changed. A reboot should fix that specific error message.


    If the volume still doesn't start after rebooting, then you would want to check the cvlog for that volume.

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    What I eventually got to fix the problem was to go into the RAID admin and had to repair LUN Mapping for that side. It took just a few minuets and seemed to fix the issue of not mounting the volume. I still have duplicate LUN reports but it is not causing any problems with the volumes and persists even with a full system hard reset.