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I recently purchased an applecare plan for my Ipad and I am extremely ****** (hopping mad that I really want to scream at everyone from apple actually).


I wanted to purchase the extended warranty on Monday but the estimated delivery is Tuesday. I will only be home on Thursday so I purposely apply for leave and make my purchase on Wednesday after 12 midnight. The delivery time is now on 19/7/2012 (Thursday) so I am happy until I get a really shocking email on Wednesday 30mins before work telling me I have a parcel from apple (***).


My apple care is expiring on the following Monday and there is no way I will be able to change my leave or I would forgo my salary which is $700.




If my warranty expires will they compensate me for that?


Also, how can I make a complain?


I want to warn people not to purchase online and I really want to speak with a manager.


Other thing, does the extended warranty start from the date you purchase or register the product?




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iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1
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    Relax and take a breath. If you order the AppleCare when you order the iPad, it will be applied at the same time. But from your post, it looks like you ordered the AppleCare well after the iPad. In that case there will be a registration number in the packet that you would use to activate and match it to your iPad. If you are not home to take delivery AND you are not able to activated it before your warranty expires, you may well get an error message when you try to activate it. Don't panic, call the contact number with your web order number available. They will be able to activate the AppleCare if you can show proof that it was ordered before the warranty expired.


    The expiration date of the AppleCare will be the same, regardless of when you purchase it, the same time you purchased the iPad or the day before the warranty expires.