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Hello, I have a relatively simple operation that I can't seem to figure out using automator:  I want to create a droplet that rotates any movie files selected by 180 degrees. I can do this manually using QuickTime 7, not QT X, but it's tedious for multiple files.


Manually, I open the movie file (a ProRes clip) in QT7, hit command J to open movie properties.

Select 'Video Track'

Select 'Visual Settings' tab.

Click on the rotate 90 degrees button (either rounded arrow) twice.

Then save, exit and repeat.


Is this possible to do in automator?  I've looked into other auto-rotating programs, but they all involve re-rendering and way too much time and diskspace for what is a very simple operation in QT7.


Any thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Paste this into AppleScript Editor, save it as an Application, drop some movies on it.


    on open theFiles


            repeat with afile in theFiles

                tell application "QuickTime Player 7"

                    open afile

                    rotate document 1's track "Video Track" by 180

                    close document 1 with saving

                end tell

            end repeat


        on error errMsg number errNum

            display alert errMsg & return & return & "Error number" & errNum buttons "Cancel"

        end try

    end open