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Time Capsule: I recently purchased a time capsule and we initially set it up as a back-up hard drive. However, I would prefer to use it as an extension of my hard drive.

1. How do I reset without losing any data on my Mac?

2. How do I set it up as an extension of my network? I'd ideally like to access my iTunes files from my Time Capsule in order to free up some space on my Mac.


Help! I suck at computer stuff and would love to prove to my husband that I can do this!!!

Time Capsule 802.11n (4th Gen)
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    Well... if you just want to use the Time Macine drive as an exension of your computer drive, then you spent 3 times the money you could have spent buying an external hard drive. There is no official way to do this, but what I recommend is to take apart the Time Machine, remove the SATA drive, get a SATA to USB external enclosure, put the SATA drive from the Time machine into the enclosure, then plug the newly made external drive into your computer. Format it in Disk Utility, then you will have a nice extension to your computer drive.


    If you want to combine the two drives into one big drive (the drive in your computer and the time machine drive) you will need a RAID enclosure (can be expensive).