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I finally took the time to switch my site from MobleMe to my personal space on my ISP (Comcast). No problem using iWeb to change the settings to use FTP, seemed like the pages were uploaded fine. However, I've lost the navigation bar entirely and my blog excerpts don't show up on my blog page.

Any suggestions?

Site is:  http://home.comcast.net/~njwilk/Boneyard/

  • Roddy Level 6 Level 6

    Your navigation has been replaced by the famous black dot. This is usually a sign that you haven't uploaded the feed.xml file.


    Did you upload with the iWeb FTP or publish to a folder and use an FTP app?


    Blog comments don't work on servers - its one of the MobileMe only features.

  • njwilk Level 1 Level 1

    I uploaded with iWeb FTP. Sounds like I need to dig out an FTP app - thanks for the advice!


    It's the excerpts missing, not the comments (I had expected to lose those) - but I'm going to guess that this is also related to the feed.xml file since it also seems to be a navigation/links issue.

  • Cyclosaurus Level 6 Level 6

    you have to excuse roddy. roddy had been deep sea diving and in lack of oxygen:



    on the serious note, by looking at the errors in your blog page... i saw your navbar, blog summary and blog common widgets failed on a same place and it came down to one file:



    iwebsite.js is incompletely loaded (served from comcast server), look at the end of it with safari.


    is home.comcast.net a free hosting service with your cable service?

    most (if not all) free services have limitation. if so, you need a real hosting service.

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    Ah, thanks Cyclosaurus. I had tried uploading the feed.xml again with no change and was trying to figure out my next step. It is the free service that comes with my ISP, so you're probably right about the limitation. I'll check into that. Was trying to avoid paying for a real hosting service since I haven't decided whether I'm still committed to maintaining this site. Just looking for a place to park it now that MobileMe is gone.

  • Roddy Level 6 Level 6

    Good, reliable hosting along with a free domain name registration is available for less than half the cost of a MobileMe account.


    It may not seem worth 50 bucks just to park a website but you can use this account for off site backups of important files, storing media files etc. I also store a copy of the iWeb domain file for each site on the server just in case California does fall into the Pacific Ocean and Superman is not around to save my computers and backup drives.


    Some info about choosing hosting...




    ... and publishing...