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I have an Airport Extreme Time Capsule which I used to backup a 24" iMac, particularly a large iPhoto library.  I brought that Time Capsule with me to China to provide an external HD to my MacBook Pro so I'd have access to my photos.  But when I connected the Airport (and disabled its wireless features, choosing to only use the HD backup feature) and archived the contents to another external HD as instructed, I found that I can't open anything that was archived.  It took 14 hours to transfer 640GB, so something must have been transferred - but I'm told there's a sparsebundle and I don't have permission to access it.  What's the point in having automatic backups if I can't access them when needed ?  Can I do something different that would allow me to access the Time Machine from my MacBook Pro ???

airport time machine, Mac OS X (10.6.8), 1 TB version