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I've been trying to troubleshoot my Time Capsule connection for a week now and I have had zero luck. 


I have a Imac with OSX 10.6.8  that uses AirPort v 5.6.1.  I have a Cat-5 (ethernet cable) plugged from my Time Capsule port (looks like this <-->) into an available port in my cable mode/router.  My Imac is also plugged into this router.  The two cat-5 (ethernet) cables are side by side.




Every time I plug in the Time Capsule I get the following prompt via AirPort.


AirPort Utility found a Time Capsule 802.11n (4th Generation) that is

reporting problems.


Time Capsule's Name :  My Capsule


          IP Address:


          Versino: 7.6.1


          AirPort ID: 12:88:93:CC:FF:72


If this is not the AirPort wireless devise you want to setup you can select another from the list on the left. If you don't see it make sure.... Blah blah blah....


To make a long story tollerable I do see my Time Capsule on the left at the top. Its the only one and its selected by default.  So I do the next logical thing right?  I click "Continue" and AirPort reads the Time Capsule's configuration.... and then...... I get the error


An error occurred while reading the configuration.


Make sure your Apple Wi-Fi base station is plugged

in and in range of your computer or connected via

Ethernet and try again. (-6753)


Can anyone help me understand why I can grab the Time Capsule's IP Address but AirPort can not read the hardware's (Time Capsule) config?


I'm at a loss.


Could my ethernet cable be the issue?



Time Capsule, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Time Capsuel 802.11n (4th Gen) IMa
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    I have a Cat-5 (ethernet cable) plugged from my Time Capsule port (looks like this <-->) into an available port in my cable mode/router.

    Dude, you're using the wrong port. The Circle symbol is the only port that should go into your modem/router.

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    Thanks man... Yes, I plugged it into the circle symbol with no joy.  I also went to Wal Mart and baught a new seven foot cat-5 for $10.  Again I still have the flashing amber light.


    After plugging in the ethernet cable into the circle icon port AirPort returns the following prompt.


    I reset the TC (ball point pen to the reset hole untill fast blinking amber light occurs) and entered the needed params and it returns this error.


    An error occured close the configuation window and try again.


    It must be a config parameter that I'm setting incorrectly. There's a bunch so who knows what I'm doing wrong. 


    I just need the to talk to my Imac so i can get a backup executed. A wireless connection will take too long.


    FYI: The cat-5 is brand new and is 100% functional (green light on the TC and router.)

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    What are you using to configure the TC, that PoS 6.x AU?


    Do you have any iOS 5 device handy?