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first post here for me- i'm struggling to work out how to attach photos to to my composed gmail messages. I'm clicking on 'attach file' then 'choose file' but cant find any where amongst my documents, files and applications etc my photo libary from which to choose my photos.

I've tried bringing up iphoto, select a photo and drag/droping it onto the composed gmail message but that doesn't work either..

I know its got to be some simple way but I can't find it?


power book g4 12", Mac OS X (10.4.5)
  • Fizikci Level 6 Level 6

    Welcome to Discussions.

    The simply way only works if you use Mail to send your emails, not a webmail interface like gmail.com. You know, you can setup Gmail as a POP account in Mail. Then just choose the picture in iPhoto and click the Email button.

    However, if you wish to continue to use the webmail interface (or another email app like Eudora) then you must choose the picture in iPhoto and choose to Share -> Export. Choose your desktop and I suggest that you scale large images to no more than 640 along the largest dimension. With Gmail, this is not such an issue, but the reader still has to download it. Then once it is on your desktop, you can attach it using the Choose method you describe. Then you can delete the file from you desktop after you send the email.

    There is not advisable way to get the actual photo from where iPhoto stores it other than exporting it as noted.

    -travis n
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    thanks very much travis. I will do that. is it possible then just to have all my photos backed up in a seperate file {in documents..} where i can access them- and if so will they be stored alphabetically or chronologically.
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    You can create you own backup anywhere you wish, however, there is not automatic way to do such.

    iPhoto stores its pictures based on film roll dates and within a complex folder hierarchy that if altered will cause problems in iPhoto. Therefore it is best not to access these directly.

    Now, you may be able to use Automator to create a workflow that exports all (or select) photos to a desired location. Then you can tie this workflow to an iCal event to have it run periodically. I do similar to backup iTunes purchased music.

    -travis n