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I had a hard time trying to setup my new 5th Gen AEBS and xBox Live etc etc last night. I thought I could setup just reading the small manual that came with it. I've had a stable working network for years, xBox and all it's hi-tech accessories, although slow hence the new AEBS. I've come to believe the vernacular is over my head and some what esoteric, although I've never had a problem with the LinkSys G54 the AEBS was to replace. Not only do you have to know what they mean about an esoteric technology to most people, but if you take one step out of order, recovering can be impossible, especially when you don't know. I'll get it to work but I addressed this request to you because you seem to be the expert here.


Can you recommend to me the best Apple specific books on Airport tips, config, etc. and also a book on xBox Live and AEBS optimization? If I can learn what these port and number addresses are, maybe in the future I can help others with the devices.