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My macbook had printed wrong serial on back, there should be xxxxxxxx. I just buy apple care protection so which serial no should the apple use for repair. I use serial shown by About my mac, not from back cover to buy apple care protection.

In future if I need repair I would face problem due to this error.




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    Have you already registered your computer? Use the SN from "About This Mac," "More Info..." to check your coverage.


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    You are mistaking the 5 or S for the other character. Everything, character, in the serial is exactly the same except for what YOU think the 5/S is.


    It is NOT the wrong serial number.

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    Yep there is only a print mistake of one letter which give me worry about. In my purchase invoice and  back cover it was printed clearly (S) not (5). If in future my mac hdd fail there  is  no way to find correct serial of my mac which is (C02******H2G) not (C02******H2G). Both looks similar, one expire in august 1st 2012 &amp; other 14th aug, 2014.

    Last month I repair while I'm on 1 year warrenty. Now just worry if they use serial from back then I don't have warrenty.


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    Ok so Now you give more imformation. Why didn't you include the fast that you have a repair done on your Mac in your original post.


    By chance did they change the logic board during that repair? If they did they put the wrong serial number on the logic board. you need to go back to the place it was repair and have them correct their mistake.


    And PLEASE STOP posting your serial number.