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I went to bed at 10:30pm last night, set my iPhone alarm for 05:30am this morning, dimmed my brightness to its lowest setting (as I always do, so I don't get blinded when I check the time during the night) and then left my phone beside my bed.


This morning, when the alarm went off, I couldn't switch it off, because my iphone was in the middle of some "restore" after doing what can only be called an "automatic" reset.  I had to switch the phone off to stop the alarm.


Now, I can't get past the activation screen and keep getting the "Your iphone could not be activated because the server is temporarily unavailable" screen.  No matter HOW many times I try, or how long I wait between tries, it just won't complete this part.


I followed the advice in various forums, and tried connecting to iTunes.  However, iTunes says "The software on the iphone has expired and must be updated to a new version" - all of which I find extremely strange as:


1)  My iPhone is (was - God only knows what it's on now) on the latest build of 5.1


2)  iTunes is on version 10.6 (updated recently)


3)  When I clear the iTunes message, it tries to sync the phone but, obviously as the phone hasn't yet activated after the auto-reset, can't.


4)  The iTunes screen showing the iPhone information states that the software is the latest version and doesn't need changing.


I'm now stuck with an iPhone which doesn't work and I don't live near an Apple store either - only a Stormfront store


Anybody got any ideas?





iPhone 4S, IOS 6