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I'm trying to share music between 2 users on one machine. I understand how this can be done using the Shared folder (thanks to the Apple support article), BUT each user's iTunes music folder is organised differently. For example let's say User 1's itunes music folder contains a list of album folders, but there are also folders for mobile apps, TV shows, podcasts etc within as well. On the other hand User 2's iTunes music is better organised, with the folders mobile apps, podcasts, audiobooks etc, but more importanty a music folder! So User 2 has a music folder within the itunes folder itself, where as User 1's folders are all under the iTunes music folder including the music albums, so it's a lot less organised!


With me so far?


So my main question with this in mind, is if I want to use the shared folder to share music between two users, what happens to the podcasts, mobile apps etc? Where do these go so that they remain unique to each user?


I hope that makes sense and I hope someone can shed some light.


PS: I did the 'Organize library' thing from the file menu for both users.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Somewhere around iTunes 9, Apple created a new organization for the iTunes folders, basically to invent the "iTunes Media" folder.  This was to provide a better structure for people who were starting to acquire lots of things in iTunes besides music.


    Depending what decisions people made at the time, they may or may not have upgraded their existing library.


    Any podcasts that one user downloads will go into the Podcasts folder within the iTunes Media folder (as designated in Edit > Preferences > Advanced) for the user who does the download.  That is independent of anything the other user does.

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    I have my library setup so that both my girlfriend and I can use the same library without any duplication of music or separate media folder. The library shows both of our playlists & apps. If I add anything whether it's a song, movie, video or app it updates the folder and when she logs in she sees the same exact thing I do. Is that what you're trying to accomplish?

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    How did you do that.  I am trying like crazy and cant get anywhere.