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Okay, it is time I made an upgrade to a current OS and... recent hardware. And, honestly, I am afraid to get the newest laptop. Here's why:


1) If I understand correctly, the screen's resolution is too much for the processor to handle (looked at some complaints here and there).

2) If I understand correctly, the screen is super easy to break, and it is unfixable.

3) The glued-in rreplaceable battery. I understand wanting to save space, but... why? Why did Apple do that? Weren't simplicity and ease of use the main concerns of the company? Irreplaceable by user ≠ simple. That, and the whole "glued" thing sounds scary; what if the glue melts when the device ever overheats?

4) This one is more of a rumor: I heard that the laptop is completely unfixable; that you will have to pay for a whole new machine if it ever malfunctions.


If anyone here can address those concerns, that would be very nice.

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    I myself was in the market for the rMBP, but ultimately I decided to get the non-retina MBP and just switch out the HDD for a SSD for reasons you listed here and more.


    1. Yes, there are definitely software issues going around right now like graphical gltiches when waking from sleep and such.

    2. There is no protective layer of glass like on the non-retina MBPs. This is to reduce glare and reduce thickness. I honestly wouldn't worry about that one too much. I never beat up my notebooks though, so it may be a concern to you.

    3. All in the name of thinness I would presume. I'm sure Apple used a glue that could never possibly melt under any heat the MBP could produce.

    4. You won't have to pay if you have a warranty. Repairs will definitely be tricky with this unit, and I don't think any genius is prepared to perform any at this time. I'm sure replacements will have to be the way to go at least for now.


    I decided to not get the retina MBP because I just don't think the experience will ever be smooth this generation. Right now, applications look terrible on the rMBP, and we have to rely on the developers to update their resolutions. The list of applications that support the new resolution is small, and it should be because this technology was revealed a month ago. Developers have no real incentive to update right now because no one knows how successful the rMBP is going to be. I don't want to purchase the rMBP only to find that developers aren't updating their apps because there aren't enough users to warrant the time spent updating the app. Peruse these forums too to see the possible problems with rMBP and weigh out your choices. Support forums are obviously going to be flooded with people who have problems. We don't see the people who have had great experiences with the rMBP, and I'm sure there are many people out there who are completely satisfied so keep that in mind.


    EDIT: Mountain Lion might be the answer to all of the software problems. Might want to wait until ML comes out and see what effects it has.

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    Are you saying this unit is completely unfixable??

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    I mean it depends on what part is damaged. But no, that's not what I'm saying at all.

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    SwagasaurusRex wrote:


    I mean it depends on what part is damaged. But no, that's not what I'm saying at all.

    Like a complete idiot, I dropped my current laptop several times (less than a meter though), and spilled drinks on the keyboard TWICE.


    ONLY THEN, did it break (though not completely). I gave it to the store for repairs, and it cost me $700. Although worn out and out-of-date, it still works fine. I wonder if the new MacBook is that sturdy or easy to repair.

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    I don't think there is an answer out there for you. You can't say for certain if it will break or not. I would say be more cautious with your notebooks. Weigh out your options and decide if you want to get the rMBP. You don't seem concerned with anything other than repair-ability which remains to be a question to everyone. It's a new device. Not many repairs have been serviced I would imagine.

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    Okay, anyone who has been with this company for a long time: how long does it take them to release an updated model if serious hardware issues were discovered?


    Also, the regular 15'' Pro: were the insides updated at all in 2012, or is it the exact same hardware as at the original release in 2011?

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    So, I went to the store and had a talk with one of the employees. After weighting all pros and cons, I decided that a slightly upgraded regular 15'' MacBook Pro is the way to go (for me at least).


    I guess my concerns will probably never be heard by the higher-ups, and complaining is pointless.


    I will leave you with a humorly MacBook Retina review by the one and only, Adolf Hitler:


    Watch if you need a laugh

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    That was excellent! Thanks for the titters and giggles! ******* Ethernet port!