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I would like to set up a Mac Mini with a few external USB drives as a multipurpose server, and I am wondering what the minimum version required would be.


The functionality I would like the server to provide is:


  • Run iTunes in server mode so that I can stream movies to my iPad and ATV v2
  • Run Logitech Media Server (previously called SqueezeBox Server/SqueezeCenter/SlimServer/) so that I can stream my rather large FLAC music library to my two Squeezeboxes
  • Be able to back up my main Windows 7 PC to one or more of the attached USB drives
  • Function as a shared file system for files that I want to share with my wife's laptop


Alone, none of the above would require a whole lot of horsepower, but I'm not sure if together they warrant buying a new Mac Mini when an older (and cheaper) version may suffice.


Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated



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