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It's only been about 2 weeks since I purchased my Macbook Pro 13. The first week of operation was dandy and everything was running smoothly and soundly. The machine was silent no matter what programs I was running.


Starting this week, I've had a problem with it making some weird noise. I can only describe it as a growling noise. Like when you're hungry and your stomach starts to grumble a little? It's coming from the lower right hand corner of the computer, to the right side of the trackpad. I'm not sure if it's something I should be concerned about? I'm just a bit worried because the laptop is new and I don't want any serious problems to arise. Is it worth taking into the genius bar to check out?


Here's my crappy video on the sound it's making.



The sound is very apparent around 0:30



MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012), Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Those are the read / write heads scanning over the plattens. This may indicate a problem, but it may also be that something may have heated up and is not transfering the sound to the unibody mechanically (in other words, something is now touching the drive that touches the unibody). The drive does not sound abnormal, but if it does get louder it will fail. Are you noticing problems? Get some disk utility to check it out.

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    I am not experiencing any problem with the computer itself. Everything seems to run fine. The sound appears every now and then, enough to bother me though it's not very loud.


    Maybe I should take it to the genius bar just in case?

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    Had it been a constant humming, I would have said a fan was dirty, but this is definitely the sound of an HDD doing its seeks as expected ("seek" is the computer term for when a disk drive head is being moved to and fro across the platters to locate a specific bit of data). Some brands of drives are much noisier than others and it is a normal sound. All do this in some form or other. If it increases over time, then it is a sign of impending failure. Open Disk Utility, click on the HDD device (NOT the Macintosh HD volume) and check the S.M.A.R.T. status, in the bottom part of the window. If it is anything different from "Verified", it will need replacement ASAP. Or if it is bothersome, take it to the Bar anyway.

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    It says verified. I believe I will take it to the genius store anyways. Thanks for your help. It is good knowing that it isn't something to be immediately worried about!

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    It is proably normal as all drives make that noise. I could see on the screen you were doing an install and that is a lot of drive seeks. I didn't hear anything that was a problem on the video.

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    Have you sorted the problem yet? I have exactly the same noise. I've got a feeling its where i've dented it and the fan is rubbing or something