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Frank Chavez Level 2 (200 points)

I have admin rights on the server, but when I retrieve a file to my Mac Air it comes as "read only".  "Getinfo" shows I have custom access.  I have re-propegated permissions and checked all of the permissions on the server.  What have I missed?

  • MrHoffman Level 6 (14,832 points)

    The usual suspects here are differences in the object ownership, the group membership, or maybe an access control list entry.


    I almost never use the GUI for these cases.  The GUI is cute.  It's pretty.  But it's just not as compact, nor as concise 


    Launch Terminal.app and issue the commands:



    ls -ale@ ~

    ls -ale@ ~/YourFilenameHere


    and post the results.


    This assumes the file is in your login directory.  ~ is command-line syntax for your login directory, and the YourFilenameHere in the ~/YourFilenameHere specification should be replaced with the name of your file.   The id command will show the details of your identity and your groups.


    Yeah, I know.  I'm referring to the command line as being less arcane and easier to use than the GUI.  Ah, well.