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I have the new macbook pro retina and connect it to an external screen monitor I sometimes use for gaming. I adjusted my settings so that when I use my external monitor, the macbook doesn't shutoff even when the lid is closed. So when I'm playing games and such the laptop gets hot. So my question is, will this cause any harm to the laptop? Or is it properly ventilated so the air comes our the sides and the laptop won't overheat?

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    You can also purchase a laptop stand that lifts it off the table and lets air circulate underneath to enhance cooling. These can be passive (just something that lifts it up off the corners) or active with fans for even further cooling.


    In any case, should internal temperature become excessive, the system will shut itself down automatically to prevent damage. However, you would have to do something really dumb (like wrapping it in a blanket) or really use it to the limit before that happens, since the cooling fans will do a very good job.