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I don't know how to fix permissions?

APPLE POWERBOOK G3, Mac OS 9.0.x, 2000 G3 Mac Powerbook
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    (This message is in response to the reply to my question on the dscussions.apple.com page...but it contains a bit more of details so I can send a copy to apple , so pardon the extra info )..........                                           .     I'm not sure how to do that? Is that when you press c while restarting ? I also had an apple care tech help me , but I believe she just wasn't that knowledgelable regarding troubleshooting? It seems to me that It should not be this hard. i have bought the OS Install Disc 1 from Apple as per their instructions. I just want to update my macbook pro early 2008(which is eligible according to apple) so I bought the Snow Leopard disk from apple first but it would not update because my disk was Corrupted?(according to mackkeeper) So Iwas told Ihad to clean install my original Mac OS X 10.5.8 to Snow leopard and then after upgrading my memory, I could go online and buy Lion. but here I am Two months later and still no help. I am not concerned with saving anything on the macbook pro if that would make it easier, but I am at a loss?..... I am disabled and it is very hard to get to the apple store which is about 10 miles away. I want everything upgraded to the latest technology so I can pursue my non-profit website which will help people understand about helping other people with SERVICE......It is called  S.T.O.P.  O.N.  B.Y.~   which stands for ~Service* To* Other* People* Of*Need* Besides* Yourself*~....But it's ironic I want to help but need just a little help with my system. i also am interested in a iPad if that technolgy is still around by the time I get squared away! Ha!, Ha!....So that's why I'm back here today and will try again with apple care?....Notes on my system: my case # at Apple is 313661503.  I know my installer say's damaged when I try and install anything since Mackeeper did a number on my computer and left it in this state since mackeeper messed my computer up months ago? The installer say's damaged due to frameworks runner executable not having proper permissions. The last applecare tech was Genesis nad she was nice but did not no much concerning my dilema which is turning into Heart-Ache!...please help if you can. it is much appreciated and have a great day and 2012!....Johnny Lobato (a_mayan_alien@hotmail.com) or ph 510) 337-4063. any time night or day.....ISolemnlySwear@Injustice4All!.......IOccupy3rdSt. Richmond Ca. ....... God Bless

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    several items:

    1) These forums are users helping other users

    2) I, personally, would not post case #'s or any other personal information in these forums

    3) I am unclear what kind of hardware you are running


    your information shows:


    APPLE POWERBOOK G3, Mac OS 9.0.x, 2000 G3 Mac Powerbook

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    Can you post the model of the computer and the version of the OS you are trying to install?  I have not idea what MacKeeper has to do with this.  You should install the OS X DVD, select the start up disk (from system preferences) as the DVD, then reboot the computer.  Once the computer has booted to the DVD perform a clean install of the hard drive (which will erase and format the drive).


    If you need more help refer to this:



    Post back with specific details and questions




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    ~Thank You  Mr. Contello ~                                                                                                                              First on the protocol advice for this forum. It's appreciated! I was at my wit's end regarding this clean install/w eventual full lion upgrade?  I haven't had much luck getting it done. But I remain positive that someday I will? And truly appreciate any of your time! Anyway you asked me for the model of my (MacBookPro Early 2008) and it is MacBookPro4,1 (I believe that's what you asked for?)....and the OS version I'm trying to install?..that would be the Mac OS X 10.5.8 that is currently running. The install disk I'm trying to use was sent to me by Apple after I wasn't able to install the first disk I bought from them back in May and that is the Mac OS X Snow Leopard needed before I can upgrade to the new Mac OS X Lion that Apple told me my computer could handle? so hear we are almost 4 months later? I believe it could be something easy since all these installer damged  and errors only started occurring after the Mackeeper Nit-wits who remotely left it in practically unusable. I have got it back somewhat and I'm using it now to write this message and it seems to me that maybe reading the installer, error and ? logs should answer what, why& how to repair and finish install/upgrade? So below are the two and only errors that come up on my installer logs? are look pretty self explanatory for anyone who knows his way around a MAC, which I do not. I don't know why the last two Apple Care techs didn't ask but who know's. Maybe it is something that you can unlock/explain?.... instantiate is a new one on me I'll have to wikipedia it to substantiate it?(Ha!.Ha!) ..It sure sounds like these(below) are the problems that I  am having so I will stop here and send this to you now ....................................................... ..                                                                                                                  Best regards Sir,                                                                                                                                           Johnny L*.* A Freedom Writer

                                                                                                                                                                        1.) Aug  9 09:44:22 unknown001EC2C4D5E9 Software Update[77626]: Install's runner tool is not properly configured as a setuid tool.

    2.) Aug  9 09:44:22 unknown001EC2C4D5E9 Software Update[77626]: Couldn't instantiate install controller: (null)