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i have an ipod nano and i had many troubles setting it up. now it is completely set up and working....ish. My sister got an ipod nano to and i tried to have her itunes in a different library which worked. now heres the problem whenever i try to sync my ipod with itunes it says "another user on this computer is using the ipod software, so itunes is unable to communicate with this ipod. Please ask other user to log out." i went to the other users account and i clicked the X on itunes and it still had the problem. ive also tried to completely log out of their user name but it still had the problem. please help me

Dell, Windows XP, ipod nano 4gb
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    Close iTunes on the other account and then to make sure it doesn't continue running in the background, right click the XP Taskbar and call up the Task Manager ( or use the tried and true Ctrl+Alt+Delete method), go to the Processes tab and select iTunes.exe and End Process. Repeat for iPodService.exe and then iTunesHelper.exe and you should be all set to synch your nano to your account.
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    Right, and stop using fast user switching. Log out completely. Fast user switching does not play well with iTunes. Logging out will normally close all programs.
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    More info:

    About Fast User Switching in iTunes for Windows

    How to force iPodService to start in only one account
    Use to avoid the logoff problem

    Open the account you want it permanently off of, go to the desktop, right click on My Computer, and hit Manage.
    Hit Services & Applications>Services>iPodsrv (or iPodservice, it's an older version).

    Double click, set the 'startup type' to Disabled, and it won't open in that account.

    Rinse, repeat for any other accounts as needed.