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Im almost starting from scratch since my computer kept crashing so I re-downloaded and installed Lion. Now all of my applications are asking for serial numbers. it's weird since my old user shows up but the machine boots up as a new user and will not open the old applications..


is there a way to revert back so when my computer starts up, my old user login shows up and I can use my apps and comupet like before?

It happened a few months ago and I re-downladed lion and my computer worked just like before. why would it be different now?


tried to go to sytem preferences but could not find a way to make it start up like before

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    What are all your applications that are asking this?

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    Mostly Capture One by Phase One.


    the main thing is why won't my regular profile show up at log in when I start up?

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    If you installed a fresh system via erase-and-install first, this is normal. You do not offer details. Otherwise, yes, after a clean install apps ask for re-introducing s.n.’s as long as keychain files are new.

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    The weird thing is though that my old 'mark' user folder sis till there in Users..why can't I start up into that and run it like before?

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    Let me guess: you made a backup before installing the new OS (good thing), installed and, after making settings, you transfered data via Migration Assistant. Used AFTER making basic settings, it creates a new user, so your data are there, you should log out and relog into that user.

    Used during the stup process, MigAssist does not create a new user. In any case, your data are there.

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    The weird thing is though that my old 'mark' user folder sis till there in Users..why can't I start up into that and run it like before?


    I would echo that question back... why can't you log into that user?  Does that user not show up on the list?  Is there some kind of an error when you try logging in, and if so, what is it?


    Also, we need some details on exactly how you reinstalled the OS.  Did you just install right on top of the existing system, or did you erase the hard drive and then reinstall?  If the former, I assume you were having a problem that prompted that...  what was that problem?  If the latter, did you use Migration Assistant or Setup Assistant to import data from a backup?

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    my laptop kept crashing with a really glitchy-matrix like screen that would come up upon restarting so I hit Option/Command/P/R and re intalled Lion.


    When I go to my Users folder, my old 'mark' folder is there but when I log out it's only the new one that shows up even if I hit 'Switch User'


    In System Prefs under Users only the new account shows up.

    All I'd like to do is sign in to my original account- which seems to be there but won't show up in preferences.