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We are using Aperture 3.3.1. and we noticed that the import system with 'Do Not Import Duplicates' ins't working very well.


When we put some pictures from our SanDisk CompactFlash 8GB card on our iMac with Aperture we first have to wait to finish the preview function.


Than after we imported the images we used a second Sandisk 16GB SDHC card, here are the same images but we made a few on this card tha is not on the Compact Flash Card. But when we put our SDHC card in the reader Aperture shows all the images?? It is not regonize that the images from the CompactFlash card are the same as on the SDHC card?? Very strange, but also very ignoring.


We use a Canon EOS1Ds Mark III and when we make pictures we use the option 'separate storing', that will give us the safety of our images.

But sometimes 1 card is full and the camera go's on the one who has left the most storage.. That's how we come with this problem in Aperture.


Does somebody has the same experience? And is there a solution?

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Than after we imported the images we used a second Sandisk 16GB SDHC card, here are the same images but we made a few on this card tha is not on the Compact Flash Card.

    I do not have the same camera as you, so I am not sure what the "separate storing" option in your Canon does. Does it store exact duplicates of each image on the second card or slightly different copies (different image type or different size)?


    Aperture will only recognize exact duplicates - same file type, same date, same filename, same size.


    Are the images on your second card exact duplicates in this sense?




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    The camera stores exactly the same picture on both memory cards.


    But today we have the same problem with one memory card. We imported the first session of this morning first, after we done that we want to import the second version of the afternoon and aperture is again showing all the images on the compactflash card? Including the ones who we allready imported this morning.


    Greets from the Netherlands,


    Levin den Boer.

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    You may have a problem with a corrupted preference file. If you have the "Do not import duplicates" option checked, Aperture should not show the files again, that it already imported from the card.


    I'd suggest you quit Aperture, if it is running and remove the file "com.apple.Aperture.plist" from the Preferences folder in your user library to the Desktop and then try if the problem still persists.


    In MacOS X Lion the user library is hidden. To open it, use the Finder's "Go" menu. Press the "Go" menu entry in the main menu bar and hold down the "options" key, until "LIbrary" appears in the drop-down menu. Select the Library, then navigate to the "Preferences" folder, and remove "com.apple.Aperture.plist".


    Report back, if this does not help.




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    If we remove those preferences, do we also then lost all of our export preference, these are a lot because we have to export different image sizes and settings for each client of us?

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    The preferences store only the options you set from the Aperture preferences panel - the layout of your window, the web accounts, the location of your Aperture Library.


    Your presets: export presets, key bindings, custom settings, raw presets are stored in a different folder in your user library, in the Application Support > Aperture folder. Hopefully these preset definitions are o.k. and you will not have to remove them too.

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    Hello LeonieDF,


    We have deleted the file, but know we can't even select it anymore? The box with 'Don't import Duplicates' is grey now, we can't selected it anymore?



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    My Do Not Import Duplicates is not working at all. D800, D700, Lumix GX1, all camears are affected. For me the No Duplicates option iis completely broke and has been since the latest upgrade.

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    what kind of Mac do you have? For me it works fine on both my MacBook Pros, but today I tried it the first time on my iMac and seems to be completely broken, random results.


    None of the trouble shooting options does help on this machine. I filed a bug report.




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    File a bug report too, Levin. http://www.apple.com/feedback/aperture.html


    The "do not import duplicates" option is very flaky on my iMac. Sometimes it works, if I quit Aperture between imports, sometimes not. Also it does not work for referenced images at all.

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    Hi, I have the same problem.  However, this is an ongoing issue with Aperture from AP 1.0 days.  Some patches/updates take care of the problem... then another release does the exact opposite.  Very frusterating.  This has nothing to do with the hardware... (as many "Apple Pros" will elude to.  Seems this is always the case...  hardawre, OS version, Ap version, and etc...)  I can't be for certain wich updates/versions are buggy with "duplicates" but many of them have this issue.  I have been also "tracking" Aperture's ability to import/export video as well.  I've had mixed issues with videos as well.  (Different forum, not trying to steer this one away.)  I wish Apple will fix this once and for all.


    @leonieDF:  I will file - another- report with Apple.