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The Air Extreme is my main base station, the Express is to extend the range one floor down in my basement. If I connect Extreme and the Express wireless everything works fine but sometimes it's a little laggy. I have an Ethernet cable between my main floor and the basement but if I plug it in the Extreme and then the Express, the whole network goes down. I have reset the Express.


Anyone got a good suggestion to how to hook the Express into the Extreme with cable?

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    If you connect the AirPort Express using an Ethernet cable, it must be configured to "Create a wireless network".


    The "Extend" setting is only used if you are connecting using wireless....and you are using Ethernet.


    Configure the Express to....


    Create a wireless network

    Use the same wireless network name as the main router

    Use the same security as the main router

    Use the same password as the main router

    Make sure that the Express is set to operate in Bridge Mode as the final step  before you click Update to save the settings.


    Then you will have what is known as a "roaming" network.

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    Thanks for your reply Bob but after following your instructions all wireless went down again.

    So, a quick Q: the Ethernet cable from the Express is supposed to be connected into the back of the Extreme, right? Not directly into the ADSL modem like the Extreme? If so, maybe it's just a question about unplugging the powers and restart in the natural order: ADSL router - Extreme - Express.

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    The Ethernet cable would connect from one of the 3 LAN <-> ports on the AirPort Extreme to the WAN port on the AirPort Express...if your Express has 2 Ethernet ports. Otherwise, connect to the single port on the Express version that you might have.


    Double check to make sure that the Express is setup per the instructions above.


    Once you have a green light on the Express, power down the entire network...all devices....any order that you choose


    Wait a minute, then start the modem and let it run a minute by itself

    Then start the AirPort Extreme the same way

    Start the Express the same way

    Keep starting devices one at a time until the entire network is back up


    You can check against Apple's instructions to verify that the settings above are correct



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    Bob GREAT info on how to create the extended WiFi at the end of an ethernet

    (or Homeplugs in my case), THANKS!


    I'm now getting iTunes to my workshop and Internet for my WiFi devies when I'm not in the house ...BUT


    One thing I noticed was it creates a new network:

  - IP Address - Subnet - Router - DNS


    where as my Airport Extreme / in the home network is:

  - IP Address - Subnet - Router - DNS


    is this a result of the AirPort Extreme creating the WiFi extension?

    or is it the use of the Homeplugs?


    FYi I also have an Enable AirPlay over Wan option activated on this Airport Express v6.3,

    which is not present in my other APX v7.6.1


    the reason i ask is I cant use the iTunes Remote app on my phone or see any other computers on the network from the extended WiFi...I can only see the AirPort Extreme when using a network scanner. anyway to make the subnets the same?


    not the end of the world, but more a nice to have



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    One thing I noticed was it creates a new network:

  - IP Address - Subnet - Router - DNS

    This tells me that you did not configure the AirPort Express in Bridge Mode as the instructions specified. Or, you thought you did and you didn't.


    If the Express were in Bridge Mode, it would be on the same 192.168.0.x subnet as the main router.


    If you are not sure how to do this, post back to let me know what operating system you are using on your computer and that will tell me what version of AirPort Utility you are using.

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    I totally forgot the BRIDGE MODE part 'cause I have to jump into AirPort Utility 5.6 to talk to this device and the screens are different to v6.1 that I use to talk to my Extreme and APX running 7.6.1.


    ...workshop APX is now rebooting, I'll shout if it doesnt solve my problem



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    Thanks for your insight.  I have a 1st generation Time Capsule as my router connected to a comcast cable modem.  I've connected a 2nd generation Airport Express using an ethernet cable using the suggestions I found in your post.  It's set up in bridge mode.


    Aiport untily shows them physically connected and they both have green lights.  Generally things work fine.


    The problem I have is that intermittently the airport express will drop off the network and the devices connected to it will attempt to connect wirelessly to the Time Capsule.


    Could this be related to the varied generation of the devices or could there be another problem I haven't discovered.?


    The IP address on the time capsule is 76.28.116.xxx The LAN IP is

    The IP address on the airport express is 10.0.1 23


    Any thoughts?


    Thanks for your help.

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    Dear Bob, I read your very clear and helpfl instructions how to configure an extended network through an ethernet cable between the airport extreme and the airport express. I followed your instructions and initially it all worked perfect. But after a few days not anymore.


    This is our configuration:

    Airport Extreme (802.11n third generation, version 7.6.1.), an airport express, model 1264 and 2 airport express model A1088.


    You wrote somewhere "that the old models A1088 and A1084 do not have the capability to "extend" a wireless network, so they would not be compatible with the AirPort Extreme for this purpose".

    Does this mean that even when connected with an ethernet cable they can not extend the network?

    Thanks in advance for you answer,

    Greetings from Italy, Bellatosi

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    I am running into similar issue when I use Airport Extreme & Express to extend the roaming region. If I configure express in wireless extender mode, access the HD (connected to Extreme) via express is very very slow - tried 5 GHZ mode also. But roaming between Extreme, Express regions are very smooth and don't see any issue at all.


    To overcome the HD access issues, I tried what was suggested - connected Extreme & Express (using powerline adapters, for I don't have ethernet cabling in our house), configured Express in "create a new network mode - used same ssid as in extreme", "put it in bridge mode" etc etc..


    Whenever I roam from Extreme to Express region or vice versa, having roaming issues:


    - my mac doesn't get dis-associated with the old one till it almost loses signal (during this time data transfer rate is very bad)

    - network goes down and takes few minutes before it associates with the new one.


    Did you come across this problem? How did you solve it?

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    Hi all,


    please see my setup in the screenshot:

    Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 6.02.57 PM.png

    Is my choice to extend my network using the Express as a base station and Extreme as the extender (creating a roaming network via "bridge mode") ideal? Or, should I use them in the reverse order?

    Suggestions appreciated as my network is pretty slow as you get to the lowest express (bedroom).

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    Everything is OK except for the Bathroom Express....which is not "extending" the network at all.  Reason.....Apple's wireless "extend" feature will allow you to extend the network wirelessly one time....not two.


    As it stands, you could use the Bathroom Express for AirPlay, or to connect a remote USB printer or Ethernet device, but the Bathroom Express is NOT providing any additional wireless signal at the present time.


    If you want the Bathroom Express to "extend" the network, it must appear on the same level as the Blue Room and Green Room Express. In order for the Bathroom Express to extend the network, it must receive a stronger signal from the AirPort Extreme than any other device. When that happens, then you will see all 3 Expresses side by side on the display.

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    Good to know!

    Should I put that airport in Join mode if next Extended?


    Also, devices are still connecting to the base station Express in addition to the Extreme. Is that a bad thing for my network? If so, any way to prevent that from happening?


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    Should I put that airport in Join mode if next Extended?

    You can if you want.


    Also, devices are still connecting to the base station Express in addition to the Extreme. Is that a bad thing for my network? If so, any way to prevent that from happening?

    A Mac will connect to the AirPort with the strongest signal. That is not true though of the iOS devices like an iPhone or iPad.  If you move an iOS device from one area to another, temporarily turn off the WiFi on the iOS device, move it near the other AirPort, then turn the WiFi back on, and the device will normally pick up the signal from the closest AirPort with the strongest signal.