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I bought my mc book pro two month ago for my birthday. About two weeks ago it started getting really hot, i mean really hot. I would use it for about two hour on my lap and the machine gets HOT. I have the care thing, but I am wondering if this is supposed to happen. Is the mac book pro suposed to heat up in the bottom?

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.1.1
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    Yes, they do tend to get pretty hot, though it depends on what you're doing at the time.  If you're just doing e-mail and web surfing (but not playing Flash games or something similar), it shouldn't get more than mildly warm.  But the more you demand of the machine, the hotter it will get.  Gaming in particular can really get it going.

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    Yes, I have a Macbook Pro too, it gets really hot. Don't worry though, its supposed to do that. If you compare an MBP to any other laptop, you'll probably see that its thinner than most. Most MBPs (depending on what generation and which size model you have) are quad-core, which, if you don't know, are very powerful, and it has to shove it all in that tiny aluminum shell, so it gets really hot. Talking about aluminum, the aluminum chasis of the MBP helps to dissipate heat, too, so the aluminum gets really hot. If the heat bothers you, I suggest getting a cooling pad. They don't help much, but at least they do a little. I've seen my MBP 8,2 (late 2011) reach 203 F before! It's perfectly normal for it to get hot, so just try to ignore it. (It's really hard when the fans are roaring like jet engines, though!)

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    I did all that and it's still heating up. i guess i'm gonna have to take to the store let them nerds deal with that. Thanks for the link!

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    No game playing here, just emails, surf and writting documents in pages, very basic stuff. I think it's a huge flaw from apple to have that problem in such an expensive product.  I mean it's a lap computer, how is one supposed to take the heat? Anyways, just think is a flaw.  Something for them to consider for the future generations.

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    MacBook Pro's are not laptops they are notebook computers because it is clearly stated they are not meant to sit on your lap. Download iStat Pro and give us the temperature readings so that we can help determine if they are normal or abnormal. Also, the MacBook Pro will shut down if its internal temperature exceeds its acceptable temperature to prevent any damage. MacBook Pros also have a bad ventilation system and they are designed to use the external body to dissipate heat from the internal components (hence the warning in the user manual about them not being made for your lap and meant to be used on a flat hard surface).

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    If it is getting uncomfortably hot while you're doing those tasks, then something is wrong.  Perhaps you have some background process that is eating processor time and causing excess heat.  Perhaps you have a hardware problem.  It's hard to say at this point.  I currently have my MBP resting on my bare legs (I'm wearing shorts, get that thought out of your head! ), and it's no more than a little warm.


    One thing to try is resetting the SMC.  Sometimes that can have an effect on heat.  If it doesn't help, try booting in safe mode and using the computer for a while as best you can given the limitations of safe mode.  If the problem goes away, and comes back as soon as you reboot normally, it's probably a third-party software issue.


    Regarding the "MacBook Pros are not laptops" comment...  those inevitably show up whenever anyone admits to using one on their lap.  I very rarely use mine anywhere else, and it's very rarely a problem.  The ventillation of a MBP is no worse than that of any other notebook computer, and better than many.  The vents are hidden, in the hinge.

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    Thanks for your input. I'm still a little lost on the technicality and the terms all are refering to, but I haven't had time to take it to the store to cheit it out.  I was also confussed by the term MBP since I have no idea what it means.  And you had me LOL( the only modern acronum I actually know what it stands for) when you said to get that though out of my head, It actually made me wish for a nanosecond that you lived closer, Now you get that thought out of your head, I just wish that so I can have a computer smart friend close by to check out my machine.

    I have no cloe as to what is the SMC.

      I had not seen the comment on the tasteless remark of the technicality on wherether is a laptop or a note book. Forgive me for occasionally placing the "Notebook" on my lap( Rolling eyes face)... there are time when I'm working and it's just easier to place it there. This is not dirrected to you Thomas Reed, but to the guy who actually has the time and phisical enegy to read trhough user manual (I know he will eventually read this, reason are stated by him), but anuways. I don't ONLY use the notebook on my lap... I still continue to think that the machine has a flaw, beacuse even when "meant to be used on a flat hard surface"" it still gets heated.  Oh and my legs are very hard ( yes you can put that though back into your head) LOL.


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    I have no cloe as to what is the SMC.


    Oh, sorry, I had meant to add a link to that text for you.  Here's the omitted link: