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My HP laptop always use to recognize my Iphone 4 then all of the sudden stopped. I have been trying to transfer pictures and it does not see that any device or camera is plugged in to it like it use to. I have VISTA on my computer. When I go to My Computer it doesnt show anything is even plugged into the USB port. I tried all 3 ports on the laptop. The Windows help assistant talks about needing a driver..basically a software disc to load any new divice onto the computer. How would I get a driver for the Iphone?? I never needed that before. I could just plug it in and I would get the pop up asking if I wanted to transfer my pictures, etc.  This is so annoying!  I do back up to I Cloud as well.

iPhone 4
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    Drivers are included as part of iTunes.  Is iTunes installed on the computer?


    Are you attempting to transfer pictures taken with the device to the computer?  Or pictures from the computer to the device?

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    Hi..Yes, I Tunes is installed on the computer. I sync with it no problem. I am trying to get the pictures from my Iphone onto my computer. When I use to plug the phone in I would get a pop up from Windows saying do you want to transfer pics to computer, do you want them to erase off phone once transfered, etc. Now I do not get the pop up. It is like the computer no longer recognizes that my Iphone is plugged in. Technically the pics are on my computer in the Photo Stream folder..but I want to actually transfer them off the phone. I have tried to turn off Photo Stream and I cloud but it does not help. The computer still does not recognize the phone plugged into the USB. If I go to "add a printer, scanner or camera" on the computer..it does not see it either. That is where it talks about having a driver to set up a new hardware device. I have 900 pics on my phone that I do not want to have to delete one by one...and I want to make sure they are downloaded. I also have videos that I want to download to the computer either and those are no where to be found..not even in the Photo Stream folder. I appreciate any help!

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    This link had all the steps to update the driver for my Iphone. I went thru all of the steps and it finally recognizes it again as a digital still camera. It is currently transfering all of my 977 pics onto the computer!!

    Hope this helps someone else.

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    I found this forum when searching for an answer to the same question.  My resolution was ultimately using a different iPhone cord.  Miraculously, my computer recognized my iPhone!

    Hope this helps you, too