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I was told I only need a little adapter to convert the prongs, as a transformer would overheat the laptop and break it essentially. As long as it's 120-240 V, I should be fine (travelling to Ukraine, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia). I am from Canada, and was planning on purchasing a power surge protector in Europe and just using the adaptors to plug into the surge protector.

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    Non other then to change the Europe plug to one that works in Canada. The AC adapter is universal, works on all voltages and frequencies.

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    I bought B type adapters, I was told this was the one?

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    Have no idea what a B type adapter is. Or if that is the correct one to change the EU plug type to Canada plug type.


    Once you get to Canada you may be able to go to an Apple store and buy the direct plug that attaches to the AC adapter. Not sure about that.

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    Canada is B type - you need a B-Type to plug into whatever country/countries you plan on visiting.


    Not sure if the countries you're visiting in Europe are all going to have the same power outlet.


    Go to The Source and get it from them. (formerly known as Radio Shack)

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    From Canada you only need plug pin adaptors for the European plug configuration.  Canada uses the same plug as the US, and most European countries use the same or very is,ilar two round pin plugs.  Plug adaptors are available in most international airports on the Continent.


    The Apple charger is rated 100-240 volts at 50-60 Hz so conversion is not needed.


    In Canada if you have a Radio Shack store you can usually find a European plug adaptor.