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I want to place an audiobook into my new ipod nano (6th gen) but it doesn't go on when I drag it and I see no "sync" in the iTunes page.  How do you load a book?

iPod nano
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    Go to the books tab when your iPod is connected, the tabs across the top is what you want. Near the bottom of the books tab is the audiobooks section. There you can put a checkmark next to the books that you want to sync over. You can also select in the little pulldown to sync all books or ones that are checked.


    If a book has several sections in it, the iPod will not play them one right after the other so it is best to make a playlist for those books with multiple parts. You can place them in the order you want them to play. After creating the playlist,  the playlist is synced to the iPod once again from the books tab when your iPad is connected.


    Any further questions just ask.

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    My ipod is connected and I click on it and when itunes comes up all I see across the top is: summary, music, podcasts and photos.  On the left hand side under my ipod I have Music, podcasts and books.  I don't know why "books" isn't showing at the top.  Thanks for your help--any ideas?

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    The tabs across the top that appear when your iPod is connected only show what your iPod can play.


    If you got into settings, I think it's under music, do you have a selection for audiobooks and is it turned on? Not sure if that would make a difference but just try it.

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    I checked the settings and the audiobook was turned OFF so I turned it on.  I still can't drag the book onto the ipod.  Shouldn't I just be able to drag it like I do music?  I'm stumped as to what to do.