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Final Cut Pro 7...I shot 1280x720 60p and imported ProRes 422. I edited whole project but sequence is 720x480 29.97 dv I would like to keep edits and change sequence to correct size. I tried sequence settings change but it changes the frame size but video retains 720x480 29.97 size. My bad as this is first HD on my Macbook. Thanx in advance! dan

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), 17" 2.3g
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    This will only work if your not changing the frame rate.


    Create a new sequence with the correct settings.  Edit one representative shot into the new sequence.  Does it look and play right?  If so, select the clip in the timeline and hit copy (command-c).  Then delete it from the sequence.  Make your old sequence active and select all (command-a) and then copy (command-c).  Make the new sequence active and hit command-v.  Your edits should appear in the new sequence although the image won't look correct.  Now, select all (command-a) and and hit option-v (paste attributes) and just check motion.  That should adjust pixel dimensions properly.


    Post back if this doesn't work, or if it ins't clear.



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    Michael is a faster typer - but anyway:


    Create a new (empty) sequence with the correct settings.

    Return to your original sequence, and click anywhere on the time line and type Command + A to select all the clips on you timeline. Once selected, type Command + C to copy them.


    Now go to your new (empty) sequence, and click in the timeline and type Command + V to place all your clips. If the aspect ratio or frame size is not correct, click anywhere in your newly pasted time line and type Command + A to select all the clips. Once selected, Control-click on any one of the clips and from the drop-down menu, choose Remove Attributes. When the Remove Attributes pane open, check the box for Basic Motion and Distort (if available to be checked) and click OK. All your clips on the timeline should now be resized.


    Does this help?




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    2 answers.  2 approaches.  Either may work (or may not). 

    There are many ways to skin most cats in fcp.   That's why I love it (and will miss it when I have to move on to something else).  Let us know if you solve the problem.


    Hey, why not do an offline media manage targetting the settings of the original clips and then relinking to the clips.  Much more complicated then it needs to be, but that's never stopped me before.

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    Yes both approaches worked....Thanx

    This one is going out tonight so I will be playing with the media manager when the clock is not beating on my head...

    I was hoping for a way to use edit list for clip in a correct sequence but I didn't have the extra day to play luxury.


    I am still cluthing to FCP 7 hoping that my future has a professional FCP X.(whatever) will edit on my Mac Pro 2013...and work all the features real deals need to edit. I have faith in the company that has been in my workflow since before FCP...(Media 100...yikes).


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    Thank you sooo much! You just saved my life

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    Thanks for this! Worked perfectly!